Over 300 Business topics covered that give answers to questions that most Business people don't even know to ask

An in-depth Business Questionnaire that immediately reveals your Businesses strengths and weaknesses

Reproducing Authorization for anyone in your immediate company, office or department

20 volumes of the Making it Better newsletter totaling almost 70 issues

Downloadable Editions, so you can get started immediately in Making your Company the Best it can be

3 FREE valuable Bonuses that complement the Program, and make it easier to Become the Best You can be

A generous Money-back Guarantee that makes it worth your while just for giving the Program a try


What Others Are Saying About

"The Making it Better Program"

"On the cutting edge of succeeding in
today's business environment"

"I purchased the program before it was completed, and it is tremendous.  The little things make the difference.  I read many business books, and usually I may come away with a few good ideas.  Now, I feel like I have hit the jackpot with your programs.  They are concise, and are on the cutting edge of succeeding in today’s business environment.  Your program should be in every business library, and schools would do well to teach from its pages."

James Murphy
Tallahassee, FL


"Far better than expected"

"I purchased your program mainly for my managers, and employees, but after reviewing it for myself, I have implemented it company wide.  It is far better than I expected.  The concepts are straight forward, and we have developed weekly trainings using your materials.  I have already seen a change amongst the staff.  We are focusing on making things better in ways we never focused on before.  I recommend this program for any company, even if they think they don’t need any direction.  I thought we were doing great, but we can always do better."

John C. Stokes
Ontario Canada


"Learned about how to succeed in business"

"It may be possible that some large corporations may know and understand some of the principles talked about in your newsletters, questionnaire, and other materials, but I believe that most small business owners don’t understand the things you talk about.  Most small businesses can’t afford high priced consultants to come in and teach us these things, so I want to tell you thank you for what you are doing.

I have learned so much from reading your material.  I have been in business for thirty-two years, and I have not understood many of the things you have taught me.  I hope you will share my testimony with other small business owners around the country.  

I believe every small business owner in America could benefit from reading your material.  I have learned more about how to succeed in business in the past 45 days, than I have in my entire life.  Small business owners learn a trade, and they become good at it; but most of us never learn the things you talk about in your program.  We do our best.  We use common sense, and we strive to be fair, honest and provide quality work and hope that speaks for itself. 

I know I have gone on and on, but please take my word for it, this program is fantastic, and will recommend it to anyone I can."

Joe Peterson
Phoenix, AZ


"Program will be used throughout the company"

"I am an executive assistant.  I purchased your program to be able to advance my career.  I wanted to come up with solutions to problems that are being overlooked, and your test has helped me do that.  Thank you.  I have shared the newsletters with the vice president that I work with.  He said,  he will look into using them throughout the company so everyone will want to get involved in making things better.  Your products are wonderful, and I wanted to recommend them to others."

Carol Richardson
Seattle, WA


"The program really works"

"We did not score as well as I thought we would on the questionnaire, in fact, we averaged about 35% amongst those of us who took it.  We made quite a few changes since then. I must admit things are getting better everyday.  At first, many of our employees were not sure about making the types of changes that we were making. 

However, we noticed right away that things were getting better.  Within a couple of weeks, our sales were beginning to increase substantially, and our employees seemed to be happier.  We could see that things were really starting to click.  One of the things that we did was to distribute the bonuses amongst our employees.  Each department had their own meeting and discussed how to best use them. 

Since then, I have had numerous reports from several of the managers that they are seeing a difference in cooperation, teamwork, not to mention that people seem to be enjoying their jobs more.  We also put together the employee committees you talked about. We organized discussion groups using the newsletters to discover, and solve individual department problems.  Things are going so well, and I wanted to write to let you know. 

I would like to tell people who are thinking about purchasing your program, that it works, and it has help us a great deal already.  We purchased the program about 3 ½ months ago, and I am thankful that we did. 

PS. I attend two networking luncheons a month and I have been telling many people about it."

Susan Chapin
Oceanside, CA


"I had no idea that we were not
doing as good as we could"

"I am a manager for a medical supply company in St. Luis.  I purchased your program about six months ago, but didn’t really start using it until about a month and ½ ago.  This program is amazing.  I remember reading that most companies score about 50% on your test.  I couldn’t believe that, so I took it on behalf of our company, and we got a 38%.  I had no idea that we were not doing as good as we could. 

Since then, I have started making changes.  We are having our meetings, and the employees are giving their input.  Things are diffidently getting better.  I think every business needs your program.  I think back at the other companies I’ve worked for, and we are doing great compared to them; and to get 38%, I was shocked to say the least.  We are doing better now though.  I am glad I came across your program."

Judith M. Branson
St. Luis, MO


"The bonuses are great...
The questionnaire is amazing"

"They don’t teach this stuff in school.  I don’t understand why you don’t charge more for your program.  I downloaded PDF files of your products, but I think you should charge a lot more than you do.  I wrote because I wanted to tell others that your products are everything and more from what you said on your website.  I thought I learned a lot in school.  I majored in business, but we didn’t focus on many of the things you talk about. 

I recommend your program to anyone wanting to do better in business or in life.  The bonuses are great.  The questionnaire is amazing; the newsletters are giving me ideas and topics to discuss, that I never thought about before.  I want to tell the people who are thinking about buying your product to do it.  They will be glad that they did."

Jeff Blanchette
Houston, TX


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