Over 300 Business topics covered that give answers to questions that most business people don't even know to ask

An in-depth Business Questionnaire that immediately reveals your business strengths and weaknesses

Reproducing Authorization for anyone in your immediate company, office or department

20 volumes of the Making it Better newsletter totaling almost 70 issues

Downloadable Editions, so you can get started immediately in Making your Company the Best it can be

3 FREE valuable Bonuses that complement the Program, and make it easier to Become the Best You can be

A generous Money-back Guarantee that makes it worth your while just for giving the Program a try


The “Making It Better Program”

A Powerful Solution For Achieving Greater Success

If you want to achieve “greater success” as a Company, a Manager, an Employee, or even a Student, then you need this program.

It is packed with answers to business problems that most people don’t even know they have; it focuses on more than 300 business subjects, and offers solutions to questions that business people ask every day.

If you are willing and committed to “Making Things Better”, then let me tell you about a program that is guaranteed to do just that.

It’s priced so virtually anyone can afford it!

It comes with an incredible
money-back guarantee,

and you’ll receive 3 valuable bonuses

Just For Giving It A Try!

It may take some time to go over the material I put together for you, but I promise "I will make it worth your while…if you’ll do it!"

So if you are ready, let’s get started:

There are “two ways” to explain how each of the products of the program can benefit you, your business, and those you work with.

  1. The first way is an in-depth overview of each product or part of the program (which I recommend using).  Each part of the program comes with a brief overview.  If you would like to learn more about the product being discussed, click on the link next to the overview and it will give you more information about it.  This process takes longer, but is more informative and will help you gain a greater understanding of each of the products within the program and their benefits.

  2. The second way is to use the quick overviews.  If reading the quick overviews listed next to each of the products is enough, then continue reading until you feel you need more information.  If you come across an area where you would like more information, simply click on the link next to the product overview as describe above.


The first part of the program consists of:

A powerful questionnaire (or tool) for identifying more than one hundred mistakes or problems that the average company makes when doing business.

The Questionnaire Is Entitled:


"How to Take Your Company from Where It Is…To The Best It Can Be"

It focuses on 20 different areas of business success, and can help you transform a “great business” into even a “better one”.  It asks hard-hitting questions and empowers companies with information they never knew they needed.

  • Before you think you have little to learn, or that your business doesn’t need much help; let me share with you a sobering statistic.  Almost all companies that answer honestly the questions asked in this questionnaire receive a score lower than 50%, which is a “D” on the grading scale.  Think of the mistakes that can be prevented, and the problems that can be avoided just by using the questionnaire alone.

  • This tool is not for the weak or the timid; it strips away the façades and reveals the actual strengths and weaknesses of a company.  If you want to know the truth, and are willing to “make your business better”; then this questionnaire is definitely for you.


Below is a "list of questions taken from the questionnaire".

You may click on the link below to "review the questions", or you may continue to learn more about the program and "review the questions later".


The second part of the program is entitled:

Newsletters 20 volumes of the “Making It Better" Newsletter

Within the 20 volumes, there are almost 70 issues of newsletters that answer complex business questions and solve hundreds of everyday business problems to help your business become the best it can be.

Each volume is designed to correlate with the 20 areas discussed in the questionnaire and also cover "additional topics" that support each of the 20 areas of business success.


The "additional topics" can be divided into
"two categories".

To view a "sample of these categories", just click on the appropriate links below!

  1. (Additional Topics that "Help Employees" Make Businesses Better)

  2. (Additional Topics that "Help Managers" Make Businesses Better)

Please note,
these lists serve as examples, and "do not represent a complete list"of topics discussed throughout the newsletters.


This next part "can literally"

save you hundreds or maybe even

of dollars overnight,

so if you are ready, I'll explain how!

The third part of the program is entitled:

Certificate "A Certificate of Reproducing Authorization "

The certificate gives you and your company the right to make photocopies of the written material contained in the “Making It Better Program”.  It
also gives you the right to email them as well.

These materials were designed to be photocopied for training and educational purposes.

This certificate gives you the legal right to do that; and to distribute the copies throughout your company and/or department to help make your company the “Best It Can Be”.

  • Many of the materials contained within the program can be used as handouts for training's or brainstorming sessions.

  • They can be used as company newsletters, or you can quote them in your own company newsletter to increase the overall success of your organization.


Can you appreciate "the value" of this opportunity?

  • The materials contained in this program are literally a "library of over 300 business topics" to help you and your business succeed!

Whatever problem your company may experience, the material contained in this program will probably:

  • Cover the questions that need to be asked

  • Help solve problems "that the average business" has

  • Provide suggestions to avoid costly mistakes from happening

  • Answer questions that many owners, managers, supervisors, or employees don't know to ask

Important Notice:

This authorization only permits you or those you authorize to make copies for your "immediate" company, department or staff.


To view a larger copy of the certificate, click on the following link:

(Certificate of Reproducing Authorization)


If you would like to view the certificate later, let’s continue;


The Fourth Area of the Program Consists

of "Three Bonus Programs" to Help

Make Your Business "Even Better"!


Bonus Program #1

Bonus1 "20 Things You Should Know About the Person You Serve"

This report will help you identify the common mistakes people make when dealing with others and how to avoid them.

It also gives you valuable information and techniques to increase your interpersonal skills, personal effectiveness and your ability to communicate more effectively.

(Click here to learn more about this program)


Bonus Program #2

Bonus2 "How to Sell the Way People Want to Buy"

There are four primary ways or styles in which people prefer to make buying decisions.

To increase your chances of making a sale, you need to know how to identify which buying style a prospect prefers to use, and if their style is different from yours, you need to know how to sell in the way they prefer to buy.

In this program, we will share with you the secrets behind this technology
and can help you increase your sales by as much as 88%


Bonus Program #3

Bonus2 "How to Have the Memory You’ve Always Wanted"

This program explains how the memory works, and is full of examples and exercises to make learning easier.

In it you’ll discover "the secrets" to obtaining the memory you’ve always wanted.

Having a powerful memory is one of the "great keys" to succeeding in anything you do.

(Click here to learn more about this report)


Some Additional Information About Each of The Products



Why You "Need the Questionnaire",

and How to Use It

"to Become the Best You Can Be"!



The questionnaire is "much more" than a few questions about your business.

  • This program focuses on " more than" one hundred areas, overlooked mistakes and problems of common businesses.

  • Companies pay consultants thousands of dollars to come into their businesses and ask these types of questions.


The results speak for themselves!

Almost all companies that "answer honestly" the questions asked in the questionnaire receive a score lower than 50%, which is a “D” on the grading scale.

  • The program asks "hard-hitting questions" concerning twenty areas of business success! A company may do well in a few areas, but fail miserably in others.

  • It is common for companies to have certain strengths, but they can be lacking in other important areas.  For example: it is not uncommon for a company to receive a score of 60, 70, 80, or even 90% in a couple of areas where they are strong; however, that same company can also receive a score of 0, 10, or 20% in other areas where they are weak.

  • Think of the possibilities for a company to increase their profits in areas where they receive a score of 10, 20, or 30%, and then are able to make the necessary changes to increase their score to 80, 90, or even 100%.  Going from 20% to 80% is a 300% increase in that area alone.

  • What if that company also made changes in the areas where they received scores of 40, 50, or 60%, and then increased their score to 80, 90, or 100%?  Think of the additional profits they could
    make in those areas as well.


"This program" can make "a huge difference" to a company’s bottom line

  • It digs deeper than any other program I have seen.

  • It asks questions that few businesses know to ask, and it eliminates the facades that are preventing companies, managers, and employees from being the best they can be.


What the "Newsletters"

Can Do for You and Your Company,

and "How to Use Them to

Become the Best You Can Be"!


There is so much more to this program than just the questionnaire.

The "20 Volumes of newsletters" focus on fixing the problems that are "discovered" using the questionnaire.

  • They not only help you fix the problems, "they focus on additional business topics as well".

  • The newsletters focus on more than three hundred business- related topics, and should be used by owners, managers, employees and students wanting to know more about business.

  • They cover complex issues as well as every day business problems and solutions, and can be used as a valuable source in making a business better.

  • The newsletters are great for problem solving, brain storming and for in-house training's.  You can also pass them around as newsletters, for which they were designed.


Each year "businesses spend hundreds of dollars on newsletters", and often, all they get for their money is a few good ideas.

  • Many newsletters and magazines write more fluff than substance these days. The "Making It Better Newsletters are different, and once you read one, you will notice the difference.

  • These newsletters are substance-oriented, and can be used for training purposes, directly from the newsletters themselves.

  • They are designed in a training format, and ask the type of questions that bring about measurable results.

  • They offer valuable solutions, while encouraging discussion for greater application.

  • Reading "Making It Better Newsletters" is like attending a professional training or seminar.  However, these training's are not for the purpose of entertainment or motivation. The content has a purpose, and is designed to bring about "results" for the better.


Why the "Bonuses" are so

Necessary for Your Success


I don’t know how much time you spent reading about the bonuses, but I would like to explain "how important they really are".

I have actually seen them change people’s lives for the better.  I have seen marriages saved, relationships enhanced and careers improved because of the principles they teach.

  • The bonuses will change your business for the better and they will change the attitudes of those who work for you.

  • I highly recommend them wholeheartedly.  In fact, if you decide not to purchase the program for any reason after trying it, I want you to keep these bonuses as a gift, because I know how much they can help.

  • I can’t even put a value on them, because of what they have done for peoples' lives.  How can you put a value on saving a marriage or a family?  How can you put a value on helping an employee to get more out of their job and or find greater enjoyment in what they do?  How can you put a value on helping someone enrich their life, or making life better for those they love and appreciate?

  • If you are not interested in the other parts of the program, for whatever reason, I would buy the program for the bonuses alone.


Why the

"Certificate of Reproducing Authorization"

Is So Important


The certificate is another thing I don’t know how to put a value on, not for the reasons concerning the bonuses, but because of its "actual value".

Each company that purchases the program will have to determine the value of the certificate according to "their circumstances".  They are the only ones who can envision the worth of being able to reproduce the products of the program for their company, department or staff.

  • This certificate can be worth thousands of dollars, depending on
    the amount of reproducing you will be doing.


As Promised...A Pricing Structure

"That Virtually Anyone Can Afford"!


You are probably not going to believe the prices when I tell them to you; you will most likely think that something doesn't’t seem right;

but as I promised in the beginning of this letter, our goal is to make it possible so virtually anyone can purchase the program”.

The goal has not changed!


To help you understand why NOW is the time to buy,

  • I will explain "the future prices” of the program.

  • I will also explain how we are able to lower the prices to amounts
    so low
    , that
    virtually anyone can buy the program if they want


The “Future Prices” of the Program:

The "future program" will be sold in a “printed format, bound in a binder, with a CD, book of experiences and sold in two editions.


  • "The Future Business Edition" will sell for:                              $494.98

  • "The Future Personal Edition" will sell for:         $                   $295.98


The difference between the two editions is, the "Business Edition" includes the "Reproduction Authorization Certificate" which can be extremely valuable to a person or company that wishes to reproduce a part or portion of the program for those they work with.

The "Personal Edition" does not contain this authorization.  If any portion of the "Personal Edition" is reproduced; the individual and/or company who is responsible will be breaking copyright laws.

One of the primary reasons for creating the "Business Edition" was to prevent copyright laws from being broken.

  • This makes it possible for people and/or businesses to achieve greater success by sharing the program or portions of it with their staff or organization without it costing them a fortune to do so.


Don’t let the Future Prices bother you, because I am going to show you


"How to Save A Lot of Money off "The "Future Prices" Right Now!


All you need to do is...

pick the plan that's best for you!


The differences between the "future program" and the "current Program"are;

  • The program we are offering now is in an electronic format, and is not printed or bound in a binder with a CD and book of experiences.

  • It can be downloaded instantly using a computer, and then view or print its pages using Adobe's Acrobat Reader (which is free from Adobe's website).

  • The program is currently being offered in "Pre-release Editions", which means the program is not entirely completed, and is still being added to on a regular basis, but is almost finished.


After "downloading" the edition of your choice, there will be a letter offering an "additional bonus" which will ask you to send us an email requesting that we send you additional issues of the 20 volumes of newsletters once they are completed.

  • Right now each completed volume contains an average of about
    four issues, with the "largest volume" containing eighteen
    . We are currently working on adding more, and we should be completed with the final issues soon.


If you do not have a copy of Adobe's Acrobat 7.0 Reader, you can
obtain the program "free" from their website using the link below.



The "Current Program" Includes
the Following Products and Bonuses:
  • How to Take Your Company from Where It Is…To The Best It Can Be

  • 20 volumes of the “Making It Better Newsletter"

  • Reproducing Authorization Certificate (Business Edition only)

  • 20 Things You Should Know About the Person You Serve

  • How to Sell the Way People Want to Buy

  • How to Have the Memory You’ve Always Wanted

  • Additional Bonus: Additional Issues of the 20 Volumes of Newsletters Once They Are Completed.
  • Plus A Generous Money-Back Guarantee That Makes it Worth Your While Just for Giving our Programs a Try.


The program is offered in "two editions":

  • The Business Edition

  • The Personal Edition


The program is also offered in four different price ranges and conditions.

  • Each discounted price is offered with simple conditions that are easy to agree to.

  • The conditions provide a way for us to tell others about the successes you achieve from using the program. The more you are willing to help us, the greater the discounts we offer.

The First Way to Save:

(A "great plan" for saving a lot of money!)


  • All the products listed in the current program.

The Conditions:

  • Purchase a pre-release edition of the program that is not entirely completed; and is in its "electronic format" rather than in the "future format", which will consist of printed pages in a binder, a CD and a book of everyday examples.

The “First Way to Save” discounted prices are:

The "Business Edition" price is:                               $110.95 (Includes Reproduction Rights)

The "Personal Edition" price is:         $                              $79.95 (For personal use only)


The Second Way to Save:

(You can "save even more" with this plan!)


  • All the products listed in the current program.

The Conditions:

  • Includes all the conditions of the first way to save – plus additional savings because of an off-season discount.

  • Promise to write us a letter explaining how the ideas and principles we shared with you have helped your business or you personally.


The “Second Way to Save” discounted prices are:

The "Business Edition" price is:          $79.95 (Includes Reproduction Rights)

The "Personal Edition" price is:                                     $$59.95 (For personal use only)


The Third Way to Save:

(The savings " keep getting better"!)


  • All the products listed in the current program.

The Conditions:

  • Includes all the conditions of the first and second ways to save – plus an additional promotional discount.

  • Receive an invitation to participate in a “Voluntary Deferred Referral Program”.  This program invites you after using our program for 90-days or so, and if you feel comfortable, to send us a letter or email us explaining how we can contact some of your friends and associates, so we can offer them what has benefited you so much.


The “Third Way to Save” discounted prices are:

The "Business Edition" price is:          $49.95 (Includes Reproduction Rights)

The "Personal Edition" price is:                                     $$39.95 (For personal use only)


The Fourth Way to Save:

(The "Best Pricing Available"!)


  • All the products listed in the current program.

The Conditions:

  • Includes all the conditions of the first, second and third ways to save – plus an additional way to save by making a personal promise.

  • Make a personal promise that you are purchasing the program within three days of your first visit to the “Making It Better” website.


The “Fourth Way to Save” discounted prices are:

The "Business Edition" price is:          $39.95 (Includes Reproduction Rights)

The "Personal Edition" price is:                                     $$29.95 (For personal use only)



"Each Edition comes with such a

generous 30-day money-back guarantee",

that you cannot afford not to take

advantage of the offer.


Use the entire "Making It Better Program" for 30-days:

  • Including the "How to Take Your Company from Where It Is…To The Best It Can Be" Questionnaire.

  • All the volumes of the "Making It Better Newsletters"

  • The "Reproducing Authorization" (If you purchase the Business Edition)

  • And each of the "Three Valuable Bonuses"


Use "the products" to help make your business the best it can be;

If after using the program and you want a refund for whatever reason during the first thirty-days after purchasing the program:

  • Simply give us a call, and we will be happy to give a refund, and...

  • You can keep "the three bonus gifts" just for trying to do business with us.

  • All we ask is that you destroy the contents of the program "except for the three bonuses", which you can keep as a gift from us to help you and your business succeed.


   We have given you...

“four exceptional ways to save,

       just choose "the way" that's right for you!



Remember, "each way" comes with

"A Money-Back Guarantee..."



  so you have nothing to lose

                    and everything to gain!


Just click on the Order Now” link below...

  • You will be taken to a “secure server"

  • Where you can purchase and download the program immediately

  • So you can get started right away


Before You Order, Please Do This One Thing...

  • I want you to succeed, and experience has taught me having "good intentions" is not good enough to obtain "the success" people desire

  • To succeed, you must “be committed” to use the program to “its fullest

  • If you are not committed, all you’ll gain is
    "a greater understanding of how to make businesses better" and "some personal benefits" because of the bonuses and principles taught in the products


Commit to use the program to "its fullest”,

so you can

"take your company from where it is…to the best it can be."


Thank you in advance for your purchase and for the opportunity to share with you this "tremendous program for business success".

I know you will be happy with it!

After you use the program for a while, please write and share some stories with me, I would love to hear how the program has helped you and your company.


If you are interested, we have provided the following link below.


I hope to hear from you soon, and may you find happiness and joy in all that you do.



Mike W. Layer


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